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About Me

Pico, owner of Bossletics Gym in Dickinson, Tx started from the ground up. After his baseball career was over he found his second calling,  bodybuilding!  He began his bodybuilding career in 2011 and then began personal training in 2015 out of the garage of his house moving into a 900 sqft warehouse(2016) to where Bossletics Gym is currently located now as a fully functional 5500 sqft training facility as of December 2017.


Coming from a competitive athletic background, Pico needed his next push so he began competing in NPC bodybuilding shows in 2016 and has since competed 4 times placing 3rd, 5th, 1st & 3rd in his previous shows. His experience and knowledge he’s learned throughout his 6 years of training has allowed him to change the life of many clients from losing over 100 pounds, reversing diabetes, and coaching competitors placing top 5 in their class.He specializes in hypertrophy & sports training. He also uses the macros approach when it comes to nutrition. He believes in making a diet sustainable for the long term instead of crash diets that lead to failure in the long run. He may be a rookie in the game but he’s the man with the plan!


Specializes in
• Weight loss transformations
• Bodybuilding cutting/bulking
• Strength & conditioning
• Competition prep
• Lifestyle clients
• Macro coaching

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