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Anastascio Diaz lll

“When I saw Picos summer time challenge, I was skeptical about it, but after thinking it over for a bit I decided to enter anyways. I made an optimistic goal weight for myself because I didn’t really know what to expect from this. I ended up slaughtering that original goal weight and even beat two goals I made for myself afterwards. Signing up for his challenge has, hands down, turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Pico, in my opinion, made it very easy. He literally gave me all the tools I needed, from the workouts, the meal plans, and even his gym. The only thing I had to do, was put in the work. I’ll be honest, sometimes the workouts were tiresome, even after working days/nights, but I kept Picos motto in mind “Head Down, Working”. I made sure that I gave everything I had for every workout. This challenge has tested me both physically and mentally but I’ve come out a better person because of it. I now know what I can handle, and what my body and mind are capable of. I’m actually happy with myself now. Legit joy. I’m so happy that I’ve decided I want to keep going. I’ve decided to continue working with Mr. Bossletics himself, to pursue a dream of competing on stage. There’s literally no one else I would rather work with. I cannot stress enough, if you’ve got a goal in mind, if you’re ready to take that step to make a change and you need help achieving it, Pico is definitely the man for the job.”

Evelyn Rocha

“Hey Pico…wanted to come on here and give my experience with this challenge. At first it was hard to ME! But it also was a challenge. I did hate you for the workouts I had to do lol not personally but u know what I mean. Anyway your workout plans pushed me hard and motivated me to get it done. That was a like a good kick in the butt for me. U made me realize it really is mind over matter and if you really really want it for yourself you will get it done by yourself no one but you. The eating part omg that was a whole new world for me especially since my macros were never adjusted the way u did them. I had myself very very disciplined when it came to eating. You have made me not study but realize/analyze more how workouts work and how eating and keeping yourself looking good. U have given me my confidence back for sure and I thank you for that. Despite some setbacks I had, no matter what, I wanted this and no one was gonna stop me. Not now and not in the future. You have definitely made an impact in my life. You are a  damn good coach and I appreciate you. And I will continue to enter more of your challenges if u keep having them (please have them). Thank you that’s all I gotta say….”


"Before the challenge is over I wanted to give you a huge huge thank you for everything you've done with this challenge even tho I know I had to put the work in to get results because even tho I only lost approx 12 lbs I have struggled with losing weight since having my child 3 years ago when I developed pcos so the fact that I was able to lose something was huge for me not only that but I get major anxiety at the gym now and although my anxiety has not gone away I am atleast able to step foot into a gym and complete a full workout without breaking down mid workout I am looking forward to joining more challenges and having you help me dropping back to that pre baby weight so please don't stop making these challenges cause even tho they're baby steps to some they're huge for others  so again thank you"

"I found the online training way easier to follow than I thought and the support from you was great! You were very thorough and supportive and the feel of your approach was really me vs me and the structure helped to hold me accountable. I’m very happy that I participated. Thank you so much"

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